About Pine Mountain Arts

Pine Mountain Arts is an independent Institute where Adults and home schooling and other children of all ages can experience the fruits of Rudolf Steiner’s curriculum in a nature based environment. Most classes are conducted in the tranquil forested mountains and meadows of Big Basin near the Pacific coast, north of Davenport. Other classes are privately arranged in more urban settings in addition to courses at Waldorf schools throughout the United States.

In the last 20 years we have experienced a tremendous increase in learning challenges and nervous disorders due to fast changes in our society, lifestyles and environment. Our children have become the innocent victims of these changes combined with the ever increasing influences of unhealthy use of media and virtual realities of the internet. Our curriculum strives to address the inner need of the students to learn about and experience the world through an integrated approach of heads, hands and heart. What does this mean?

A lot of learning today takes place mostly indoors, becomes an accumulation of facts and formulae and the student is then tested for standardized results. While this might work for many others suffer greatly and are emotionally disconnected from the process. Young people develop and mature at different rates and may have vastly different learning styles. Steiner took this into account when he designed a curriculum where academics, practical learning and the artistic work all contribute to a wholesome learning process. It has been recognized by modern research that much is missing in our modern way of educating (see Howard Gardener: Multiple Intelligences, Harvard University).At our Outdoor School we foster practical, nature based learning, the artistic, love and respect for our environment and our fellow human beings with all their differences.

Classes are formed on a need or interest basis. As of now there are no set classes or programs.Schools,Students or the parents of students approach us with interest in our work and the classes are formed around these.One parent usually takes on the role of a coordinater and point person for a group.My work as a consultatant is available for institutions and individuals.