May 2011

May, 23 2011

We just stepped into the Web.

Two years after opening our meadows and forests to the children and other interested people who found us here, and the second season of classes comming to a close, we are stepping out into the Web. Thanks to my friend and supporter Pasha Solomon, who designed this site, we will now be able to participate in the world wide web of activists for renewal.

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May, 30 2011

Bees and unseasonably cold weather

The weather has been cool and wet here on the coast. As a result I found one of our smaller colonies, caught as a cast swarm a few weeks ago, with a lot of brood in all stages, some pollen and no nectar or honey to feed the colony. The fact that I could not find the queen at first and found 2 eggs in some cells complicated things even more. Thinking that the hive might have become queen less, I started preparations to combine it with another colony.

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