Bee Keeping

Beekeeping has become an integral part of the Pine Mountain Arts outdoor curriculum . The purpose is to acquaint students with the fragile balance and interdependence of our planet. Modern commercial beekeeping and agricultural practices have led us over the past eighty years to a place where the healthy survival of this important insect is in serious jeopardy. From ancient times cultures from all over the world have venerated and kept this precious little insect in close proximity to themselves. Once it was the sweet product of the hive, honey, which was sought after, now about 70% of our important crops are depending on the honey bee for pollination.

Most of our fruit and nut production depends on bees, as well as the production of vegetable seeds. Through migrant beekeeping, the use of pesticides, fertilizers and pharmaceutical drugs we have invoked a worldwide crisis. The diseases and parasites befalling the honey bee have led to a point where towards the end of the last century we have lost up to half of all our colonies every year and the supply of bee pollinate