From earliest childhood on I have been fascinated with the ancient art of jewelry  making and gold smithing. My uncle, before becoming an engineer, had been a goldsmith and allowed me  early hands on experiences at age seven. Later,  from age twelve on, I learned from “Meister Thula” in Friesland whenever my circumstances  allowed me to spend time with him. Through working with gold, silver and precious stones I explored not only mysteries of the past but also my personal inner mysteries and artistic potential.

You will find here not only objects of adornment but also images and symbols of cultures worldwide relating to the secrets of humanity and nature. Amulets and protective charms as well as foundation stones for buildings with an important mission, are part of my work. All alloys of gold and silver are carefully prepared by myself to match the quality, colour and karat content needed for the project. I still accept a limited order of commissions every year which are developed in close collaboration with the clients.

In terms of a comprehensive curriculum for high school age students, jewelry work and making alloys would follow courses in copper smithing as the foundation. Periodically I teach and mentor individuals in my studio here on our mountain. For inquiries please use contact information.