Nature Explorations

Six miles of unimproved, forest road lead from the meadows overlooking the pacific coast to the "Mill site", where we keep some of our bees and have one of our archery ranges.From there it is only a short, steep climb to the property which serves as the home and heart of the Pine Mountain Arts Institute and outdoor school.

The children enrolled in our classes here do not only experience the journey through changing elevations and micro climates, but are immersed in the mysteries of nature itself. As we explore the different regions, build observation shelters, hunt mushrooms, pick berries, track and observe wildlife, we become aware of the daily and seasonal changes in nature and in ourselves.

Newts and salamanders are the first to stir in the ancient lagoon, opening our season, while snakes and lizards are still waiting for warmer weather to arrive.When the mosquitoes start to rise from the top of the water it will not be long for the swallows to return from their winter vacations in the south. Mountain lions make their home here, ever present, hardly ever seen. Yet, when we come across remnants of their kills it is exciting to figure out who served as dinner, a calf of the herd grazing here peacefully, a deer?

We gather up as much as we can find of the bones, pieces of skin and take it to one of our camps to solve the riddle, perhaps to have an informal anatomy class. Bee keeping, archery, forging, carving,drawing and basic wood crafts are all part of the adventure. more to come...... Inquire about this class.