February, 15 2018

What is new in 2018

In recent month my Facebook page was hacked and I will discontinue using it for publishing work and private content.

Prior to that happening, I had neglegted this website, because it had become more and more difficult to keep posting events and new content via dial-up internet. I am hoping to update here with new information in regards to ongoing classes and also bring you documentation and pictures of the past three years.

Please be patient with me and feel free to give me your feedback via e-mail.


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November, 25 2014

A Time to give Thanks

This is  the Season to express gratitude and Love and I would like to express mine to my teachers and the students who have found their way to Pine Mountain or into any of the other classes and events. A   special Thank You to the parents who have supported our efforts by their trust and participation in coordinating classes.

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May, 23 2014

Looking Forward 2014 /2015

As we are entering into another intensive year of drought and other environmental changes, our current school year comes to a close and planning is under way for the comming year.

The established classes on and around Pine Mountain will continue with minor changes in program and student body.We have openings for 2-3 students for our class on Thursday and are looking to see who will find us. Conversations with prospective parents are under way.

Menlo Park classes are contiuing as well.For contact info refer to this years program schedule.

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April, 13 2014

Fall-Winter Update

Mondays: Menlo Park classes contiue with Archery. We are currently, December 2014,carving soap stone and will start again with  Iron Age forging in February. contact for this group is: Lena Plonmondon 650-321-7799

Wednesdays : Class on Pine Mountain.Shelter building, forging,apiary project, campfire cooking,environmental walks.We recently aquired a large tipi and have been working on preparing tipi poles and learning about north west coast indian cultere and art. This shelter will serve both groups in their preparation for a rights of passage ceremony.

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August, 10 2013

Fall 2013

Going into the new school year

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March, 01 2013

Of Bees and Beasts continued

January, 21 2013

Of Bees and Beasts

As some of you may know, Rudolf Steiner's "9 lectures on Bees", given to  the workmen at the Goetheanum in 1923, became an impulse in my life when I was only 25 years old.. Five years after the first reading of these lectures and raising bees, they led me to become a Waldorf Art and practical Arts teacher, a calling which I have since followed for the past 29 years.

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November, 22 2012

Thanks to be given!

With the season changing and the first rains blessing our forests and meadows I have had a deep feeling of gratitude for the opportunity of working here in this pristine environment. Pine Mountain Arts is in its fourth year of existence and many students who have found us, are able to enjoy connecting on a very deep level to nature and our many artistic and practical activities. Of course none of these experiences here would be able to take place if it was not for a caring community around us.

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October, 08 2012

New Season, Fall 2012


Menlo Park group: 1.30 - 4.00pm,  

Archery, Iron Age forge, basic forging, wood carving. This class is conducted in 8 week blocks. Currently no openings. For more information contact Lena Plamondon 650-321-7799,  contact Bodo at 650-248-6831 or use web contact.


Pine Mountain -Last Chance:  9.00am - 3.00pm.

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March, 20 2012

Spring-Summer 2012

 San Mateo group

20 children in two groups are meeting Fridays from 10.00am to 12.30pm for clay modeling and carving.

March 9th, to May 25th. For more information contact:   Leanne Taylor  650-533-6594

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