Classes forming for the Fall

August, 17 2011

Classes forming for the Fall

We are forming now classes for the Fall of 2011

Arts and Nature Exploration in Big Basin and on Pine Mountain for younger students ages 6 to 8+  another group is planned for older students..

Two groups will be formed, one to meet on Wednesdays and one on Thursdays. These classes will meet from 9am to 3pm for 8 week sessions troughout the school year ( at least 4 eight week blocks). Cost for an eight week session will be $ 600.00 per child. The enrollment will be limited to 5-7 children per group. Preference will be given to returning students and year long committment. The children will experience a variety of activities for their enjoyment of nature and personal development. Each day will include several activities such as hiking, observations of wild life, modeling clay, forging,working with wood and bee keeping as descibed in the main body of this website. Both groups will also have an archery component.The students will also become aquainted with processes such as consensus building and meeting in council, to develop listening and other social skills to work together as a group.Occasional meetings with parents will allow us to work out the specifics for each group and the individual needs of the children within the group. 

Mondays and Tuesdays are set aside for activities in the larger Santa Cruz and Santa Clara County area. If you are part of a home schooling group or other initiative, and wish for me to come out and work within your community, please feel free to contact me to explore possibilities.

Please view:  Fall schedule.

With warm regards, Paul Bodo Langen