Fall 2013

August, 10 2013

Fall 2013

Going into the new school year

There will be two types of classes offered again.  Two days, Tuesdays and Thursdays, will be offered here at Big Basin on and around Pine Mountain, which are year round, 6 hour classes once a week in 8 week blocks.  Cost will be $600.00 per block and for some of the courses Ocean Grove funding will be available.  The students will be following the seasons through the year doing crafts, metalsmithing and woodworking projects, as well as exploring nature and hunting mushrooms, observing wildlife and learning about beekeeping.  Last year our students helped to set up an apiary for the Swanton Berry Farm and studied the connections between our environment, the plight of the bees and organic farming.  We also followed the cycle of wild and hatchery salmon, met researchers and explored our coastal wetlands and streams.  These types of hands-on environmental studies will continue on into the new school year.  Target and field archery are practiced regularly as well as the building of shelters and outdoor cooking.

The other type of classes meet in different locations in the larger Bay Area.  Though some classes have similar content, Waldorf type practical arts, clay modeling, forging, stone and wood carving as well as archery, they differ in that they are between two and two and a half hours.  Students meet once a week for eight week blocks, but do not have the immersion into nature and the experience of exploring the environment, natural resources and their role as care-givers.  For more information please contact me through the contact page of this site.


August 12th, 13th, and 14th: "Nature Immersion walks for Young Children".  Day 1: walk in local wetlands and along the beach, art or crafts activity.  Day 2: visit of an organic apiary at a local farm , followed by walk along Scotts Creek. Day 3: from the ocean to Pine Mountain, exploring Big Basin's forest and meadows, archery on Pine Mountain.

August 26th to 30th:" Art Intensive at the San Francisco Waldorf Hig