Fall-Winter Update

April, 13 2014

Fall-Winter Update

Mondays: Menlo Park classes contiue with Archery. We are currently, December 2014,carving soap stone and will start again with  Iron Age forging in February. contact for this group is: Lena Plonmondon 650-321-7799

Wednesdays : Class on Pine Mountain.Shelter building, forging,apiary project, campfire cooking,environmental walks.We recently aquired a large tipi and have been working on preparing tipi poles and learning about north west coast indian cultere and art. This shelter will serve both groups in their preparation for a rights of passage ceremony.

Thursdays: Wild Boys and girls. Forging knves, spearheads and letter on open fires goes right along with foraging for mushrooms.Archery practise is kept up and working with large shelters contiues.We also have been carving with Mallets and gouges.

The Renz group continues every 3rd Friday of the month through June 2015. Iron and copper smithing are the focus with bee keeping to continue as the season starts up again.

The Sacramento Waldorf School Geology trip for grade 6,featuring coastal geology exploration, camping, smelting of iron sand and fossil search was a great learning experience and will be featured in an article of "Renewal" magazine in the December2014 issue.  Special Thanks to Ronald Koetsch, writer/editor.

 New group of younger boys forming for the spring 2015