Thanks to be given!

November, 22 2012

Thanks to be given!

With the season changing and the first rains blessing our forests and meadows I have had a deep feeling of gratitude for the opportunity of working here in this pristine environment. Pine Mountain Arts is in its fourth year of existence and many students who have found us, are able to enjoy connecting on a very deep level to nature and our many artistic and practical activities. Of course none of these experiences here would be able to take place if it was not for a caring community around us. I am myself only an instrument of the ideas, which come out of the work of Rudolf Steiner and my own experience as a Waldorf Teacher of 30 years.

Today I wish to express my gratitude and thanks to all those people without whom we would not be able to work in the  way we are. Their support of my work with the children has meant a lot to me and facilitated a freedom for these boys and girls to experience themselves in nature and nature in themselves, which, i think, is very rare today. Special thanks I want to give (in random order) to the following:

the members of the "Last Chance Community Center" for the use of the "Millsite" and their tolerance of children with wild and independent spirits; the members of the McCrary family; Brian and Steve at Cal Poly for granting us access to woodlands and streams in pursuit of our environmental studies connected to Salmon and Bee research; Jeff at the Dept. of  Fisheries; Ian "Tiggerdog" Coulson for special advice on traditional bee keeping methods; Pascha Solomon Craidon for the development of this website and support; Mike Scirocco for his hardware and software computer support; and Clair Takemori, who has been promoting our work and reaching out into the Waldorf home schooling movement for the past four  years.

A warm Thank you also to the many unnamed supporters of our Free School endeavor, May  the Guardians of the visible  and invisible worlds continue to look upon our striving with kindness. Bodo

Update January 21st. 2013

Two more persons deserve special thanks for their continual support. Lena P. has been hosting a wonderful class at her home in Menlo Park which is in the second year now. The class is for 7 to 9 children and Lena, in her generous spirit, has also been sponsoring one child besides her own son. A longterm friend and supporter of my work, who does not want to be mentioned by name, has recently again made a generous  gift towards the development of programs and for much needed infrastructure development. A heartfelt thank you to all.