November, 09 2011

3rd season, Spring 2012 update

I am happy to report that we are currently conducting 4 classes a week in 8 week blocks at 3 locations( see Fall schedule).

the Menlo Park Group ranges from ages 6-12 and has been practicing archery to increase the power of concentration and also to have fun.we are working on archery basics.We started our 3rd block with a group of 8 boys who are now iron age forging and whittling, carving walking staffs.

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August, 17 2011

Classes forming for the Fall

We are forming now classes for the Fall of 2011

Arts and Nature Exploration in Big Basin and on Pine Mountain for younger students ages 6 to 8+  another group is planned for older students..

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June, 22 2011

Fall Schedule

Monday, Sept. 9th, - Oct. 28th,   " Clay modeling for young children"    8 weeks   

San Mateo location, Tuesdays 10.00 am-12.00pm, for information please contact Leanne Taylor @ 650-533-6594 or       Scheduled to continue with a 2nd. 6 week block after Oct. 28th.

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June, 05 2011

The end of the school year and summer activities.

Over the next three weeks we will be concluding all classes for the current school year.I will be teaching at Rudolf Steiner College from June 25th to July 16th, after which date I will be available for summer day classes. I am collecting inquieries now through the "Contact Us" forms. Summer day classes may include archery,nature walks and explorations, a visit to the bee hives, clay modeling  and more. Classes for the comming school year will be formed between late JULY and the middle of SEPTEMBER 2011

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May, 30 2011

Bees and unseasonably cold weather

The weather has been cool and wet here on the coast. As a result I found one of our smaller colonies, caught as a cast swarm a few weeks ago, with a lot of brood in all stages, some pollen and no nectar or honey to feed the colony. The fact that I could not find the queen at first and found 2 eggs in some cells complicated things even more. Thinking that the hive might have become queen less, I started preparations to combine it with another colony.

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May, 23 2011

We just stepped into the Web.

Two years after opening our meadows and forests to the children and other interested people who found us here, and the second season of classes comming to a close, we are stepping out into the Web. Thanks to my friend and supporter Pasha Solomon, who designed this site, we will now be able to participate in the world wide web of activists for renewal.

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