New Season, Fall 2012

October, 08 2012

New Season, Fall 2012


Menlo Park group: 1.30 - 4.00pm,  

Archery, Iron Age forge, basic forging, wood carving. This class is conducted in 8 week blocks. Currently no openings. For more information contact Lena Plamondon 650-321-7799,  contact Bodo at 650-248-6831 or use web contact.


Pine Mountain -Last Chance:  9.00am - 3.00pm.

This class was shifted from Thursdays to Tuesdays.8 week blocks. We will go through the seasons until June/July. Regular archery practice, hands on bee keeping, outdoor adventures and foraging for mushrooms. We are currently preparing an archery field and woods range. As soon as the rains start we will be  shifting onto the cycle of the "Salmon and Steelhead trout" in local streams, observing researchers in their work and hands on participation at the hatchery. Forging, shelters,wildlife observation and planting bee crops are part of this program.For more information please contact Jessica Evans at 831-423-6468 or Bodo.     currently there are openings for one or two boys 1-22-2013


Pine Mountain -Last Chance: 9.00am - 3.00pm.

8 week blocks throughout the school year. Regular target and field archery practice, advanced bee keeping and woods crafts. Currently wood carving takes place in my studio. At the beginning of the rainy season we will shift to advanced forging, charcoal burning and shelter building for wildlife observation, hunting for mushrooms and outdoor cooking, Salmon cycle and beach exploration between Davenport and Pidgeon Point. For more information please call:  Clair Takemori 408-242-2441 or Bodo       currently there is an opening for one boy age 8-10                


Office hours and special events.

October 4th,: 3rd grade WSP, 25 children's visit with teacher for special class at the Millsite apiary. "Fall/Winter cycle of the honey bee".  Nature walks to observe plants and insects, bee talk , stories and close observation of colonies. Bees as "Sun-Beeings", Bees in ancient cultures, social organism, bees' service to nature and humans, structure of the hive, queen-worker-drone,honey-pollen-propolis and nutritional/medicinal aspects of hive products.

March / April   3rd grade WSP:     "Spring and summer cycle". The inner workings of the colony. To be scheduled.


San Mateo Groups:  10.00am -12.00pm.    Fall - beginning of summer, classes for 3 age groups. modeling with clay, wood carving and nature exploration.  There are openings in these groups.  For more information please call Leanne Taylor 650-533-6594, or Bodo at 650-248-6831


Occasionally   "Special events" possible, call or write to Bodo Langen.

Septtember 14th, 9.30am to 5.00pm. A day in Big Basin. Fathers with their Children, bee keeping, archery and forging.

September 29th,- November 3rd,       Rudolf Steiner College S.F. extension year1. Clay Modeling, foundation studies for   future Waldorf Teachers. For Info call Irene Francois: 510-751-2855

February 17th-21st 2013   no classes      Western Waldorf Educators Conference at Rudolf Steiner College